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The "T"

When looking long-term, would it be possible to extend transportation that already exists?

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It is evident that the cost of such as extension would be extensive. However, this idea has been a topic of conversation of many people that I have known. By extending the light rail system into possible areas like Oakland, Shadyside, Lawrenceville, and East Liberty, to name a few, this would connect those businesses to the people from all around the city and the South Hills. These are growing neighborhoods with the some of the city's best universities and their graduates that invest themselves in the future of Pittsburgh. Better transportation to these neighborhoods will cut back on those short commutes of just a mile or two. I live in Oakland but drive to work in Lawrenceville, although this may only be a couple of miles. I have friends that chose to take jobs downtown but end up living in Mt. Lebanon. They want to utilize the T instead of living in the city and having to take a bus because buses tend to not always be reliable. Traffic from those living south of the city could be dramatically reduced if the T extended to more neighborhoods that included the other major employers like UPMC hospitals in Oakland or even Bakery Square in East Liberty. These neighborhoods are growing at a fast rate and they should be included when identifying new mobility solutions. I believe this partnership is a great opportunity to shed light on the future of Pittsburgh and bring about ideas for great change.


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Hi Anna - I'm Aly, one of the community facilitators here along with Katie. Thanks for your post - very insightful and great photo of the T. It really helps us visualize what you're posting about. I imagine a lot of folks will agree with your sentiment about extending the T. You're right, this would likely be a very costly endeavor - which neighborhoods would you prioritize extending T stops to, if only limited expansion was possible?

I also am interested in what others think about the geographic and financial plausibility of expansion!

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As a new graduate that lived in Oakland while being a student for four years, a T stop in the Oakland area would have been very beneficial. It would have helped with transportation to downtown restaurants/shops, to the north shore for concerts/sports, and even to the South Hills for shopping. Also, the hospitals in Oakland serve as employment for many around the city. As I have worked for UPMC while in school, I know many of my coworkers would have benefitted from this transportation to and from where they reside. Another location would be East Liberty. This is a growing neighborhood with many new housing opportunities and businesses. Between these locations are areas like Shadyside and Bloomfield that would be within walking distance of the stops. As there is no longer a grocery store in Oakland, many need to get to these other neighborhoods just to get their essentials. Thank you for inquiring on an opinion.

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This is exactly what my idea addresses - if only I could build a team...

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