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Start Building Solar Powered Microgrids Everywhere. #Cooperatives

Electric vehicles are the future. PGH needs community-owned microgrids to maximize environmental and economic benefit of that tech.

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Want energy security? Want less fossil fuel pollution? Want to be able to charge your personal Ford branded scooter anywhere in the City? Start building your community-owned solar microgrid today. Then, in 10 years when all of our transportation runs on Lithium Polymer batteries, Pittsburgh will be ready for a rapid transition. Then, we can ditch the coal and natural gas power plants. Thought leader here: The great Hilltop neighborhood of Allentown is ready to replicate and expand Millvale's work. The award from Ford would allow for equitable participation by residents via aggressive stipends. The Work Hard Pittsburgh cooperative and Pittsburgh Chamber of Coops has the governance model and best-practice in hand.


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This is an awesome idea. Cooperative businesses and solar/wind are the future.

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Thanks Jay, energy independence on at a local level will also go a long way to leveling the economic playing field.

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Josh Lucas  - interesting idea! Would you like to submit a pilot idea how this kind of microgrid could provide charging infrastructure for different kind of vehicles? Applications are open with a chance to win $100K to bring the idea to life.

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