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Parking can be challenging

A question and a plea.

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I have visited Pittsburgh on several different occasions and parking is always an issue. In order for visitors to fully enjoy all the wonderful things that Pittsburgh has to offer they need to have a place to park their car. While staying at a downtown hotel does provide parking, more has to be done to encourage visitors to use public transportation to get around.


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The technology exists today (and yesterday, as a matter of fact) to give you real time information on available parking throughout the city. The only thing missing is support from the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. The application has already been implemented and is ready to go. This is done by faculty at Carnegie Mellon.

Photo of David Tinker has a great mobile app that gives you real-time parking garage information for downtown (eg how full it is or isn't) You can also get the information via SMS/Voice, too, from them.

The project was grant funded and has been around for a few years. I use it all of the time. Both the Pittsburgh Parking Authority and Alco Parking participate in it. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Hillman Foundations are also partners. I'd love to see it expand to other business districts in our region.

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Good to know and I will be sure to take advantage the next time I am in Pittsburgh.

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Hi Mark Fichman , do you by chance know the faculty's name? I'd love to reach out!

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The CMU Faculty member is Sean Qian. He is in the Engineering School at Carnegie Mellon. If you need more information, can you contact me or Sean directly. You can find Sean and I at CMU, just go to their web site. I have worked on parking in Pittsburgh as well (I am at CMU Emeritus) but this particular application is something Sean Qian has implemented. Hope that helps.

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