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new transports for Pittsburgh metro

i think pods people can drive,people can be driven , a Monorail traveling in & around the city, suburbs & the airport would be great.

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a new city transportation center for futuristic travel should be built for the public to use. the busway stations can be shared by pods for people to use to get back & forth to work, play , shopping , etc .also the tracks near the T can be shared by a new Monrail to get in & around the Pittsburgh metro area and it's airport. this can cut down on a lot of traffic on the streets. also would be a huge addition for PIttsburgh plus local stations set up all through out the area to pick up and get off the trains. look at places like China, Dubai, Japan,etc


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Good idea just make sure the pods have the following a tablet to type in name and can scan your id. That ways the safety will be increased. Also have it linked to the Police/EMS/ICE. Conveince without safety is worthless keep working.

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