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More crossings over smaller waterways and other topographical barriers

Increase the interconnectedness of our neighborhoods with safe crossings

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It would be great to increase the interconnectedness of the city by creating more access points over or under our physical boundaries. Have more pedestrian/bike bridges and tunnels over barriers such as creeks or rail lines could really help expand opportunities for residents while also creating opportunity for development. Oftentimes, the hard lines in our built and natural environment here force separations of communities and people from each other. Prioritizing smaller connections between neighborhoods, to overcome these environmental hurdles, could really help alleviate some of the city's transportation issues but also assist with some of our social ills, not to mention the safety advantages of more pedestrian/bicycle connections off the roadways. I see people walking on the Interstates sometimes which should never have to be necessary.


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Tear down more of these bridges in the city. You'll see improvements real quick?

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