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More Car-free Shopping and Dining

Most people are becoming familiar with night markets, but what if every certain streets were car free and un-programmed more frequently?

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How amazing would it be to shop, eat, and drink in The Strip on Penn Ave car-free? It would be the easiest thing in the world to close Penn Ave to cars between, say, 24th and 16th and pedestrianize it (during certain times of course). Restaurants could offer outdoor seating. There would be much more space for people to walk. There is more than enough parking in the Strip if people need to drive there. A shuttle could bring people to the space if they're parked too far to walk. In Hoi An and Hue in Vietnam they close down a network of streets to cars and scooters every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They do so by wheeling out into the street a sign surrounded by plants (see photo). The streets fill will people. The same could easily be done in Market Square Downtown. If you want to go a step further, put in retractable bollards.


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Those can be dangerous at night to go shopping.

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