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More Bus Lanes

Bus lanes would protect buses from traffic while also helping to reduce it by providing a faster alternative to driving during rush hour.

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Many of our most trafficked bus routes grind to a halt due to large amounts of single occupancy vehicle traffic clogging our roads during rush hour. These crowded and busy routes need to have bus lanes so that our city can move large numbers of people through small corridors quickly. The BRT is coming eventually to help with the Forbes/Fifth corridor (as seen in the attached pictures). The buses taking the West Busway and that go along Carson street are also heavily used but frequently stuck in traffic which causes buses to be much slower than they actually are. Prioritizing transit on our roads will allow our city to grow much larger than the capacity of our roads will allow than if we were to mostly using single occupancy vehicles. We could easily demo the effects of a bus lane with a short term pilot. Here's an example of a pilot in Boston that was converted into a full time lane.


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Jay Walker  - this is a really interesting idea. Is there a way to pilot it? Applications are open , with a chance to win $100,000 to try it out.

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It should but not all of the time. Like Pirates, Penguins, or Steeler's games. It can be crazy.

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active gridlock education system. many major cities actively promote and explain and employ this. reminders with signage and campaigns. more drivers here need to see how some simple driving behaviors can create flow by just education and active awareness. blocking city roadways is a very simple and immediate fix.

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Hi, I'm one of the community facilitators here along with Aly, for Pittsburgh. Thanks very much for posting Jay - great main image (if ever a picture spoke a thousand words eh?!) Great information too, hope you get lots of comments and likes. Are the roads you mentioned above the ones you would personally run a pilot on?