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Improve bus visibility

Paint buses black and gold, and keep the LED message sign simple and clear

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The city colors of Dresden, Germany are also black and gold, and their buses and trams are painted to match. This makes it easy to see an approaching bus, and adds a splash of bright color. We could do the same, incorporating some local design features too. (Berlin's buses and trains are also yellow, though their colors are not black and gold) The overhead LED signs that tell you what route the bus is on should also display ONLY the route information for clarity, NOT any holiday greetings or information not related to your bus trip. It's also time to retire the PAY ENTER message 18 months after this fare policy was implemented.


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Hi Craig - do you know why the gold and black colours - do they signify anything in the city's history? I notice your signs are in the same - what would be your local touch on the colour scheme? Katie - Facilitator

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Black and yellow are the main colors on the city seal and flag in both Pittsburgh and Dresden.
Pittsburgh's seal has a blue and white checkered part that might also look good if it were incorporated somehow.

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sounds very eye catching. The red busses in London make the place instantly recognisable - it would be cool to give Pittsburgh the same level of presence.

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One thing to note on the buses in Germany they often have multiple points of entry and exit. Which makes getting people on and off the buses quicker.