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I avoid going to or through downtown Pittsburgh at all costs

1. No loop around Pgh 2. Entrance and exit ramps share a lane 3. Mult entrances and exits on the Ft. Pitt bridge/tunnel - criss-crossing

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1. No loop around Pgh - I have to go east toward Philly frequently and would prefer traveling to Washington, PA and over rather than thru the city. progress on the loop has been at a snail's pace. 2. Entrance and exit ramps share a lane - this is probably the worst traffic problem in Pgh. Whoever designed these ramps is an idiot. If our highways were all 6 lane thruways, it wouldn't be a problem, but with only two lanes on each side, the crisscrossing is very dangerous 3. Mult entrances and exits on the Ft. Pitt bridge/tunnel - There are too many entrance/exit ramps at the Ft. Pitt tunnel/bridge causing crisscrossing on both ends. We need some dedicated highways that don't have to touch down at the Point. 4. There hasn't been a real improvement on the parkways in years. All the construction and delays have only been like "a new coat of paint" - no real improvement in traffic flow. 5. There are no good connectors between the major roadways - 79, 19, 51, etc. people are forced to rely on backroads thru residential areas to get from one point to another.


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Traveling that stretch of 376 is bad on any afternoon, not just Friday. And for a town the size of Pittsburgh, "rush hour" should not start at 3:30 in the afternoon.
The northeastern branch of the Mon–Fayette Expressway (576 loop) was indeed planned for an extension to Monroeville, but it seems that whole project has been scrapped.
I definitely agree that the transit system needs a major expansion also. I can't believe there hasn't been any development into the airport area or other major residential areas.

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