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How will autonomous vehicles park in the city with no one in the car to feed the meter?

With no one driving a vehicle, there will be no one around to feed a parking meter in certain parts of the city.

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My company Meter Feeder Inc. has been serving municipalities in Western PA by providing affordable parking solutions to towns that previously had archaic or broken parking systems. We have had success in this field, and recently announced our new "Pay By Vehicle" software that will allow all vehicles - autonomous or not- to pay for parking in designated locations by themselves. This software will be highly necessary when the time comes for autonomous vehicles to freely roam our streets. A full press release on this software can be found here: This would be a perfect opportunity for a local Pittsburgh business such as ours to be able to help our city figure out the future of mobility, while also serving as a pilot for our product.


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Hi Jim, are you considering making this idea a formal proposal in our propose phase? Please do if you would like to.

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Yes! We are working on the proposal right now. We want to make sure we make it's good. Thanks for asking!

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