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How can I find nice walks around the city that avoid massive hills and construction?

Parents visited from out of town recently and we went walking all over the city.

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It was absolutely lovely to walk through the different neighborhoods over several days - it gives you a much better feel of a city in my opinion, than driving around. My parents are pretty active, as am I, but it was quite hot out and we ran into several construction zones we had to bypass and several steep hills that *some of us* just weren’t prepared for! As a big fan of walking, and someone who is relatively new to the city, I was wondering if we have any good resources where we can learn about great walks from specific neighborhood to neighborhood, warnings about construction or poor lighting, and options for bypassing hills!


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I also do enjoy walks as well; it is a nice way to check out the city while not in a car. One thing I would do would check the traffic online just in case because I know some list when there are current construction sections and car accidents. But, when it comes to massive hills, I am not fully sure on how to track for hills ahead of time. I guess for it you see the hills up ahead, then go around it on the flat walkways.

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