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Hazelwood to Homewood, Tough by Bus

My bus trip ended in being on the side of a freeway having to get an Uber

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Getting to Hazelwood was pretty easy. I had heard it was a neighborhood not far from downtown that was In a transitional period. There had been some recent developments and some historic. leaving on the other hand. Not so much. Hazel wood is pretty clise to Homewood... if you went in straight line but it takes a while when you go around the bend and over the hill and across the river. 40 minutes to be exact... thats before you get stranded on the side of a highway because the bus numbering on the street sign doesn't align with google so you guess. and make the wrong one. For people from out of town, navigating more far flung areas of town is not easy. While in Hazelwood I got a great Danish and made some friends, so the trip an inconvenience was worth it

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They don't like coming there. The buses and uber in general.