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Fill Delivery Vehicle Seats With Passengers

Increase transit affordability in low-demand areas by creating a rideshare layer for local businesses who already operate delivery vehicles.

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Just as mixed-use real estate has maximized the utility of warehouses and office buildings, local businesses who rely on delivery service (pizzerias, florists, etc.) have the opportunity to increase their utility by picking up passengers to occupy empty seats. Consider a suburban florist who routinely makes several deliveries each day from Robinson to Downtown. That delivery vehicle (assuming a small SUV) likely has several empty passenger seats, which could be occupied by residents along the route who have no reasonable access to transit otherwise. Upsides for businesses are numerous, albeit minor: - Decreases delivery costs - Allows for expansion of delivery area - Creates opportunity to find shipping efficiencies with other businesses - Further cements business as a pillar of the community For residents, the benefit is much greater: - Unlocks an already-operational transit grid at zero cost to taxpayers - Drastically decreases transit costs, as delivery vehicles are already dead-heading - Helps to solve the transit design constraint of low-demand areas The acquisition and optimization of local shipping data is something the Amazons (and Fords) of the world will soon be pursuing, so there is a broader upside here in creating a blueprint for other regions across the country. What needs to be done: - Acquisition/digitization of local business routes - Creation of viable liability/privacy/taxation policy - Development of a rideshare layer/platform


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Yes. To save money and gas.

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Hi Mitch, thanks for taking the time to post this idea (and the picture is wonderful). A very interesting solution, I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say about it.
-Aly, community facilitator