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Extend the T to the Airport

Get the T to the airport already. The 28X is an embarrassment.

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The T needs to get to the airport. Some way...any way. Make a new line entirely, add to the end of an existing line...whatever it takes, get it done. This is long overdue. Should've happened years ago. (And how about this takes priority over the BRT?)


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Photo of Terrence Chiusano

This is a reply to Aly Stone's comment below about why I dislike the 28X.

Yes, Ive taken the 28X to the airport. Many, many times. In both directions.

Jeff's Ericson's comment below sums up my objections succinctly. Very little to add there. Like Jeff, I'm a regular bus rider in the City (I haven't owned a car in 15 years) so it's not like my objections are caused by inexperience with public transit. It's just a bad way to get to/from the airport. Not only does it run only every 30 minutes, you're subjected to the vagaries of traffic -- rush hour, construction, accidents, etc.

And like Jeff, I've used the Silver Line in Boston. And the MAX in Portland. And Link Light Rail in Seattle. The AirTrain at JFK. The Canada Line in Vancouver BC. Caltrain all the way from San Francisco to the San Jose airport...well, sort of. There's a little shuttle at the end, but I think you know where I'm going with this.

If Pittsburgh wants to continue to talk about itself as some sort of city of the future, as livable in ways few other cities are, as a city worthy of international attention (and international business), it needs to put its money where its mouth is. Rail to the airport is basic. It's a basic first step. It needed to be addressed years ago.

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