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Extend and Connect the Penn Ave Bike Lane to Neighborhoods East #ExtendPenn

The Penn Ave bike lane ends where the neighborhoods start. Please make a safe connection for bikes/ped to get through the Strip District.

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The Penn Ave bike lane ends where the neighborhoods begin. For the past four years, people riding from downtown have enjoyed a great bike lane that ends at 16th St, creating confusion and sending riders to “share the road” on Smallman Street, where they are confronted with aggressive driving, large trucks, and an ever-increasing number of autonomous vehicles, make a dangerous right turn to go down an alley, Spring Way, with blind intersections or onto the treacherous Liberty Ave. It is a dangerous termination. The bike lane needs to be extended to have a safe, intuitive, and connected way for riders to get through the Strip District and to neighborhoods, bike ways, and destinations east of 16th Street. Whether the ultimate route through the Strip is Penn, Smallman, or the Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard, there are lots of options to build this connection, and now is the time to do it. Recently, multiple housing developments, new offices, and autonomous vehicle testing have increased the motorized traffic in this same corridor. While job and residential growth can be positive, there has been no plan to manage this increased traffic demand on our streets. If we plan for cars what we get is more cars, if we plan for people we get more people. If we increase the number of people living and working in a neighborhood without providing safe biking and walking facilities, people will drive and park where they can. #ExtendPenn and make our streets safe for all!


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You should look at the bike/ sidwalks in Beachwood, I hear you. I am a handicapped man so making a route through areas is vital. But to come along side that vision, why not offer a much more enjoyable way to get around that can't have accidents, because of the creators thoughts and experience. I'd like you to consider me to your team if few will hear me. I'll provide support and a new form to get around until and after a side walk is done. Plus it will help peoples lives be enriched.

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Hi @DeletedUser , Thanks for your comment. We are not submitting a proposal but the City has a proposal and RFP out for the Strip District/Smallman Street. You should come to the next public meeting meeting about it.

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