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Disabilities - mobility is a common barrier for people with disabilities

Transportation provides a vital lifeline for people with disabilities to access employment, education, healthcare, and community life.

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As the largest provider of lifetime supports to people with disabilities in the region, serving more than 14,000 individuals and families each year, ACHIEVA has a specific interest in transportation for people and families we serve and the disability community as a whole. Transportation is a common barrier for people with disabilities, especially transportation to and from work and volunteer opportunities, healthcare, and community life. With increased work and volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities, transportation and mobility are increasingly important. Transportation access has long been seen as a primary way to address individuals with disabilities’ independence and self-determination. ACHIEVA will work with others to address transportation and mobility issues utilizing the growing body of ideas and technology solutions so that people with disabilities are included in the process.


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Hi David, I would like to collaborate by setting up a meeting over the phone. We are providing solutions for children in Florida with mobility challenges and would love to be able to contribute ideas and solutions.

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I would be interested in speaking with you to hear more about it. What day/time works best for you?

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Hi David lets connect via

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I'll send you an email. Thanks.

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