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Cranberry So-Called Reverse Commute

My commute from Park Place (East Side) to Cranberry (where there is a ton of work) is terrible. Anyone else have the same? Any solutions?

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Hi Rachel -I'm featuring this post in the newsletter this week to see if I can get more conversation going on this journey. Do you have a photo you can upload to the post please? Of Cranberry, your journey or anything that might suit it. Thanks if you do.

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HI Rachel - thanks from me too - this is a nice, specific problem - either you come up with a solution to take forward here - or I feel it's likely that someone else can. So what would help? And what would help quickly and relatively inexpensively without adding to the traffic? If some cars come to your workplace area where are they coming from? How could this benefit everyone/more commuters? (...for example... - I'm just improvising here you understand.) Have a think, and see if you can put the neighbourliness of Pittsburgh to use here.

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Hi Rachel and thanks for posting! Great question, bet you're not alone with this.

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Yeah, I'm actually moving and it's costing me a lot of $ b/c it's considered a local move by my employer. It doesn't qualify as a "relocation." Good note: Great Job! I love the East Side but I spend up to 2-5 hours driving every work day. I have to go into the city and back out. Couldn't there be a better way? I've tried workarounds but they take as long. I would love to help on a planning board.

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Hi Again, sorry if I am over-posting, but I think this is a really big issue.

RIDC developed the Thorn Hill area to help boost Pittsburgh in a number of ways (from my understanding-correct me if I am wrong). They call it an "industrial park" but my company isn't industrial and this is not out of the norm--there are many corporate entities in this mix.

My company happens to be an information, publishing, technology, and events entity. We are very valuable to the Pittsburgh area, yet inaccessible to most of the East Side by the current transportation structure. We are a just a small part of why the Cranberry/Mars area is booming, but a lot of us prefer city living, especially because Pittsburgh is so awesome. However many of my colleagues have moved into Cranberry or Northward.

I just hired a Pitt master's level grad who lives in Oakland and had to be honest with her about the commute issues. Luckily, she still accepted the position. I hope this helps in your research.

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Hi Rachel - no worries, you're not over-posting at all! Thanks for contributing, this gives us a better idea of the issues people are actually dealing with in regard to transportation here.
-Aly, community facilitator

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I work in my office. Love it.

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? You make no sense.

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Hi Donell, Katie, one of the community moderators here, this and other comments from you are not always moving the conversation on - we are here to make the best ideas we can together - please just like the post (click the heart shape) if you don't have anything specific to add to the idea, or ask the post-er a relevant question maybe, thanks.