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Connectivity and Real Time Info Could Help Us Get More from our Transit System

Research has shown that providing real time arrival information improves the customer experience and drives increases in transit ridership.

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Real time bus arrival information, integrated wayfinding, and other real time information could help more people utilize Pittsburgh's transit system. Reliable Wi-Fi outdoors could improve the experience of waiting for the bus, open up opportunities to work outside in the summer, or help find transportation alternatives if/when issues arise. Other cities (like New York, Kansas City, Chicago, and others) have embraced on-street technology to help people access these services; Pittsburgh could learn from those successes. Research has shown measurable increases in ridership and reported satisfaction with transit, e.g.: * *

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Hi Jeff, I am a facilitator for the Pittsburgh challenge, this is an interesting Idea for bringing a better more seamless experience to riders. You should submit a challenge proposal!