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Bike corridor from the South Hills to Downtown

Biking from the South Hills to Downtown is nearly impossible and very unsafe. Improving this connection will help all commuters.

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Currently, biking from the South Hills to downtown is hazardous and totally unrealistic. At the same time, a huge portion of the daily commuters are going to the city come from the South Hills. For that reason, I think it would be in Pittsburgh's best interest to improve this connection and to therefore encourage people to bike downtown. Surely it is a complex problem to face as Mount Washington is a great hurdle as well as the inherent nature of the Liberty Tunnel and hills being unfriendly to cyclists. While there is the T- there are capacity restrictions at play and the twice-a-day cost associated with the T makes it a less than ideal option. Regardless, there are not even bike lanes on major arteries in the South Hills, making bike transportation even around the South Hills itself an unsafe headache. The roads are wider than the city and there's more opportunity to dedicate a safe space for cyclists. While the South Hills is traditionally relatively anti-bike, I think the time is ripe to start putting pressure on the current system. Younger people are moving into the area are wanting more active, walk-able neighborhoods and want to be able to safely bike with their children in tow. Pittsburgh needs to embrace this change as soon as possible, because once the South Hills is better connected, it will help all commuters, it will foster a healthier community, and it will bring the opportunities and services available in the city to all residents, regardless of income.


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Would be awesome if the wabash tunnel was converted into a bike connection

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