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Accurate, Reliable, Real-Time Mobility Information for All

What is a great way to deal with Washington Blvd being closed because of flooding? Make sure everybody knows about it and can plan ahead!

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The recent floods have made it painfully obvious that accurate, reliable, real-time information about the condition of the roads and the state of different public transportation options is KEY (for public safety, increased quality of life for residents, and the environment). The same applies about construction projects that prompt road closures (often not known to map apps, confusing closed streets with low-traffic ones!). Having a good way to collect, organize, and disseminate such information is doable and many different agencies are already trying to do that (independently and usually in non-machine-readable formats). Putting everything under one roof would be the next logical step. Making it accessible to all would be the next step after that. We are trying to address some of these issues in the Pitt Smart Living project (, but A LOT more can be done.


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Hi Alex Labrinidis 

Don't forget, you still have until October 10th if you would like to submit an idea to pilot a project related to this idea! Between flooding, snow, and ice I think Pittsburgh could really benefit from something that let's people know road conditions (not just traffic) in real time.

- Diana, Facilitator

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