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A new East Busway Stop + TOD

Add a stop in the dense area between Herron and Negley Stations, and promote transit-oriented development

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Oakland and Bloomfield are very dense areas, and more development is underway: UPMC, Pitt, and other private office and residential developments. With thousands more people living, working, and visiting this area, a new busway stop would help people get here without a car. So much new development without expanded transit will cause lots more congestion, and will require construction of huge, expensive parking garages (like the UPMC Luna garage). The stretch between Herron and Negley is about 2 miles, a good distance for an infill stop. Placing it somewhere between Centre and Millvale would be ideal. Centre and Baum could become nice, walkable boulevards with lots of stores and activity, rather than dangerous and barren strips with a bunch of ugly parking lots. Zoning code should be updated to promote more development near the Busway stops, especially affordable housing.


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Craig, thanks for another great post! You've got a nice, specific location identified here that has been largely overlooked. As this area of Pittsburgh develops, adding more accessibility would be essential. Could you please elaborate a bit more on how you believe the addition of a stop by Centre may help improve the niceness and store presence in that area? Do you think just by virtue of increased foot traffic? I also had a thought that integrating Chris Watts idea about improving the comfort/attractiveness of bus stops, with your idea here, may go a long way in making this area more welcoming.
-Aly, community facilitator

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There will be lot more activity with new proposed development. Better to have as many people coming by transit as possible rather than having everyone drive. Centre and Baum here are currently not particularly pleasant places to walk. Adding a busway stop nearby would increase foot traffic, and streetscape improvements would be great to make the street less blah for people walking to and from. The streets could use some interesting storefronts rather than parking lots and 1-story buildings. Mixed-use transit-oriented development would be much more feasible with a busway stop nearby.

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