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A more useful transit map

Show line/corridor frequency clearly on maps, so riders can more easily decide which buses to take

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Port Authority's transit route map is very hard to read. Granted, we have topography and streets that make this challenging, but we would still improve. A map showing route frequency, like they have in San Francisco, would help riders decide what bus to take. Perhaps it's faster to walk 15 minutes to a high-frequency line (you know a bus will always come in about 5 minutes) rather than wait for a low-frequency bus that is closer. Or perhaps there are 4 lines that go the same place, and you can take any of them (e.g. the 71s or 61s if you're riding within a certain area) Many bus routes that extend far into Allegheny county are not very frequent or don't run late, and are not as useful for getting where many people need to go. Those lines should not be as bold as the frequent route or trunklines (e.g. 61ABCD/71ABCD through Oakland, Busways, T, future BRT)


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Interesting information here...I did not know that about the SF bus map, but that seems like a great, simple way of letting people know about bus frequency. I imagine reprinting would be a pain if there is a line with frequent service changes.

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