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"Don't Drive Drowsy - Arrive Alive"

This is a picture I took on the highway about how we are supposed to be while on the road.

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  • Miami-Dade County


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Sensors near roads, cameras, software to detect drowsy and impaired drivers and then warn others near intersections and in vehicles through technology about at risk automobiles in nearby areas

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Carl Blais - I wrote something close to that method in one of my city proposals, but I know what you mean and I think that would be helpful when it comes what can help in the city.

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There would need to be sensors in areas near the closest roads nearing intersections and some technology to warn other individual in advance of drowsy and impaired drivers.

Also in vehicles, near school and train crossings and high risk places

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Carl Blais - I highly agree since the more sensors would make traffic more helpful and interesting when it comes to improve the technology and more noticeable (in terms of traffic) in the city.

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