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Bus Art

Art can be found in almost anything: walls, poetry, schools, sidewalks, museums, and even on buses.

Photo of Lew Sterling
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Which City?

  • Miami-Dade County


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Photo of Wilda Previl

What part of Miami is this Lew? Better yet, what route? These are pretty common in South Florida.

Photo of Lew Sterling

Wilda Previl - I only recall places by places and not by routes, but I remember this was when I was by Carol City SHS as if I was head to the post office behind Walgreens.

Photo of KatieWalsh 100

Wow - that is one decorated bus - is it advertising something? - or literally just artwork on the move?

Photo of Lew Sterling

The decorated bus in the picture was artwork on the move, but the most common are busses here are the city ones for advertisement.