Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Calling all amateur photographers in Pittsburgh, Miami-Dade and Grand Rapids! Challenge ended, view photos here.

We want to see your photographs of your city!

There are two ways that you can participate to win:

Mission 1 : Story Image

In this mission we want you to share your experience of travelling around your city through photos. We’re looking for a sense of how it feels for you to travel around your city, however you travel.

If a picture paints a thousand words, make the photo tell your city journey experience. This category will be judged on the story it tells, not solely on artistic merit. Your photo should be accompanied by a short explanation of the context and be no more than 15 words in length.

Mission 2 : City Image

Show us around your city, with an image you’ve captured from your journeys in and around your city. These photos will be judged on two criteria. They will:

- Show artistic merit,

- Have an element of mobility in them

Your photos could be an iconic postcard view, of a hidden gem, park or streetscape, the urban sprawl or an intimate space. Be a tourist in your own city and show off your photographic talent.


The deadline for uploading entries is Monday, October 22nd, 5 pm EST.


The COTC Team will put forward their favorites and the favorites of the crowd, with the final judgement made by the design team at 100%Open.


The Photo challenge is set across all three Cities of Tomorrow. There are a total of six $100 Amazon gift cards to be won. Two winners will be selected from each of the three cities; one for each mission. 


The photo must be taken by the person who uploads the photo.

You must indicate which of our three cities you are photographing, and provide no more than 15 words explaining the context.

Only photos uploaded in digital format to the COTC platform will be eligible for consideration (you are welcome to take the photos on film, but please scan them into an uploadable format - e.g. JPEG, PNG).

You must upload one image per post as the main post image. Upload into the "Make It Visual" part of the form (allowed formats are JPEG and PNG, and please ensure the file size does not exceed 5MB). You are welcome to make more than one entry, but each entry must be on a new post. Attachments will not be considered.

The challenge is not open to professional photographers.

The judge’s decision is final.

Intellectual Property: Please see the User Content section of the COTC Terms and Conditions.

This challenge is now over.
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