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Whipster: Beyond the Pilot, A Complete Product

Imagine accessing info and purchasing your transit/mobility options to get from point A to point B in one app -- that's Whipster!

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No longer do we need to fill our phones with rideshare, bus, and rail apps to move around Miami-Dade! Whipster - the first, all-in-one, comprehensive mobility platform - provides everyday people with information necessary to plan their commute. Whipster aggregates all modes of transit, including Buses/Metro Rail, Ride Sharing, Taxis, Bike-share, Electric Scooter rentals, and even parking options. Whipster is an adaptable, progressive platform designed to quickly include new consumer services and emerging transportation solutions. 

Users save money, time, and effort by accessing real-time information in order to compare their transportation options, find the most efficient routes from origin to destination, and do so all from the convenience of one app. 

For the many of us who travel beyond Miami-Dade, Whipster is functional in a large number of other destinations.  Whipster’s current in-production app includes public transit systems from over 400 markets, nearly 500 taxi cab companies, 120 bike share companies, 14 rideshare companies (⅓ of the current market options), and 8000 parking garages nationwide.  Whipster’s platform is designed to quickly sync with transportation systems and companies, thus providing residents with the most current transportation information possible. 

Whipster’s level of integration with transportation services allows it to aggregate anonymized Big Data on transportation habits, patterns, and changes across different demographics. This information is critical for public officials and planners eager to make evidence-based decisions on transit/mobility options.

Whipster has the ability to communicate to commuters through push notifications and text messages.  This allows public entities to inform the residents and visitors about new services, routes, and any other notification pertinent to transportation/transit or public safety. 

Whipster is a Florida based company, with services currently active across the United States and Canada’s major cities.  

Whipster is available on both Apple and Android App stores as well as 

(When downloading, please use promo code: COT_MIA to unlock prototype, non-active features.)

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Everyone. Riders of public transportation can plan their routes with information about departure/arrival times and trip cost. Drivers can pre-select and pre-pay parking options before even getting in their cars. Urban commuters can determine their most efficient and cost effective daily commute. Tourists can find bikes to enjoy the area. Business travelers can choose the quickest, most cost effective ways to get to and from the airport. Millennials seeking alternative solutions to car ownership can navigate real-time ride-sharing options. All of these options offered in a multilingual mobile platform. By exposing riders to forms of transit they’ve never taken, alongside their prefered mobility option, we anticipate breaking down the transit silos that exist and creating greater cross-usership today and into the future. Whipster is constantly evaluating and integrating transportation services to meet the ever-changing needs of the public.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Russel Olinger: founder & software architect with 25 years of IT engineering experience Katherine Moore, CPA: CFO with 22+ years of experience in finance & business management Christian Leon: marketing & communications lead with over a decade of experience with technology companies Jennifer Webb: community engagement/strategic business development lead Cesar Hernandez: public affairs liaison Webb and Hernandez bring substantial experience in next-gen mobility & public-private collaborations.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

The development goal is to advance from an informational system to a transactional platform. Foremost is creating this standardized gateway for all transportation parties, consolidating the purchasing process. This has proven successful, and transformational, in the airline and hotel industries. Whipster will launch a community engagement/marketing campaign to interact with Miami-Dade users. Our pilot focus is user experience and ease of back-end transactions. Whipster will survey users focus groups to generate and integrate feedback. Whipster will work closely with transit and mobility organizations to ensure there are no problems with the transactional platform. Whipster generates multiple revenue streams including: affiliate partnerships with companies like parking garages; booking fees from taxi & rideshare companies; and Big Data analytics for entities seeking real-time data for all modes of ground transportation. Other revenue streams are forecasted in our business model.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Success = impact in 5 areas Successful apps share 4 qualities: # of daily active users = 10,000 (DAU’s use app 3xs/day) Strong engagement: >25% of monthly active users are DAU 30-day retention = >29% Growth of downloads = >30% An Evaluation Partner will measure the ability to increase access to mobility options, simplify transit process for commuters, increase ridership on alternatives to personal vehicles Analyze data collected by our app, which will give insight into user queries & commuter decisions, host Surveys/focus groups, Analyze quantitative & qualitative data generated, Interpret & present data (5) lessen burden on government/transit authority’s administration of mobility services (a) Create success matrix with government/transit partners & measure outcomes. (b) Process Evaluation: ongoing data collection with partners while creating transactional platform that integrates public/private transit entities. Info will be codified & process replicated in the future


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How have I not heard of this app before? I downloaded Whipster last week and its pretty spot on. Not only does it work all over Miami but I had to travel for work too and Whipster worked in San Antonio TX and Charlotte NC - it seems to work everywhere. It helped me compare rideshares really fast and has already saved me money because one of the times Uber was surging at over 2x the normal rate....but Lyft wasn't.....saved me $15! I thought I was going to have time to bike around San Antonio a bit so I checked out the bikeshare section and there were several pickup spots near me (but I didn't actually get the time to ride around).

Next week I am going to use Whipster to get from downtown to the airport on the metro rail.

Overall, pretty cool and useful app. Thumbs up Whipster!

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Hey there Melaura Meyers 

It seems you're a happy customer so far. :) As a mom, I am ALWAYS looking to save and shave time off my day. I'm on the road once a week for business and as I think about leaving earlier in the day, sitting in traffic makes me want to cringe. Making the commute from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, albeit only one day a week, just sounds like a party in my car I don't want to be invited to. LOL! I don't mind it because it's once a week but Whipster is a great tool to have as a soon-to-be road warrior.

Can you name a time when you recall how much time/money you saved because of the app?

Photo of Melaura Meyers

I was in Charlotte when it happened, about a week and a half ago. Normally I get a rental car but every last car at the airport was booked due to the hurricane florence. Getting out of the airport was a mess and uber was surging, Whipster showed me Lyft was less than half the cost of the uber surge rate, it was about a $15 savings.

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