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The biggest highway in Miami is not being used.

I propose the use of waterways with a new system of public "waterbuses" to transport people and cars from the beaches to the main land.

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Miami's traffic is becoming chaos and it is great to see someone wants to do something about it. I've heard for years there's no room for more highways due to the tight patches of land and the surrounding water. so, why not use waterways?!?!? I was in Europe this year and in a small town in Italy, they had ships that would carry you across a huge lake, cars included. So why not use the same systems to connect Miami Beach to the main land? as we stand there are only a handful of ways to commute in and out of the Beach. 5th, 41st, 79, 163, and 191st (i think, the Aventura bridge) most of which suffer from added 'boat traffic' which sometimes cause the bridge to 'break' for an hour, and have huge car traffic delays. 

Having Public boats that take people and cars from added designated areas (like Haulouver Beach Park, or the new park next to the American Airlines Arena to South BEach) would definitely alleviate congestion on the few and archaic bridges we currently rely on. 

A step further would be to create public boatlines that use waterways that connect  from Aventura to Downtown. This would not only be an "attraction" that would make people want to use them, but again it would even make sense for people to leave their cars back home and commute to work using these alternatives. 

The idea of making cards that could work for transfering from the bus to the water bus would also make connections a breeze.

I used the Metro Rail for the first time after 18 years of living in Miami, and it was great. Why did I waited so long? because there are very few stations and none by house. Also, I feel most people even know about its convenience! there is no major marketing around it, so people can't use what they don't know about. connecting these 3 forms of commuting (busses, waterways, and metro rail with added connections from east to west) would reduce traffic significantly. 

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Who will use it - -working people that live in downtown but commute to Aventura for working. A person walks to Museum Park in Downtown. Adds money to their public transportation card pass and boards the waterbus. the boat starts its journey to the water highway that has direct and unobstructed access to Aventura by cruising between Biscayne Blvd and A1A. direct line with no stops to Aventura. No traffic, nostops. A woman living in south Beach takes the waterbuss to cross to the mainland without having to connect on 2 busses that go around the water. instead, she takes the waterbus which uses the water as a highway to get her to hr destination. a tourist couple staying in the mainland uses the waterbus to reach the bal harbor shops mall where they want to go shopping. after spending the day at the shops and restaurants around they take the same line back to their hotel in the main land and marvel at the views from their waterbus.

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Hi Again - just reviewing the ideas in Miami this morning - There's a crucial bit of the idea form missing which is the pilot description and money ask, please have a think about how you would use your prize money to pilot your proposal here - make sure your pilot fits the amount of prize you are asking for. Looking forward to reading about it! Katie - Facilitator. P.S . are you going along to the working session? Please see the calendar linked above and the newsletter this week for details.

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