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Taking the bus, reaching the bus, reaching your destination

Trees and more trees need to be planted everywhere where there is a sidewalk. Trees shade against sun and rain (somewhat)

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More trees need to be planted everywhere where an individual may walk to help with the sun and rain. Bus stops need to be comfortable, big and inviting. The city can buy these trees from local businesses that sell these trees and the tree company can plant them at the bus stop. 

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Everyone. Especially people that do not live relatively close to their jobs will try to take the bus and their commute would be more pleasant if they did not have to stand under the blistering sun.

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  • $100,000

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Trees can be purchased from local tree companies, planted by community organizations like the Urban Paradise Guild. When they are fully grown they will provide shade and also help the street look and feel more pleasant.


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Hi Maria - I'm going to feature this post in the newsletter this week - so I will upload an image to it - to spruce it up a bit - no tree pun intended! Please come back to the post an upload a few more details if you can. Katie
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