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Relocation Incentives: An Option for Congested Areas

Offering incentives to companies who relocate to areas with less or no traffic would encourage these to do so while still operating.

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Considering human behavior is highly driven by economic incentives, one could map an incentive program where companies willing to relocate are rewarded financially. Offering incentives to companies who relocate to areas with less or no traffic would encourage these to do so. Providing incentives would be financially beneficial to companies, while they are still operating and providing their services. Employees could potentially benefit from these incentives by avoiding traffic and moving from highly priced neighborhoods. For instance: I work for an Engineering company in Doral, with over 60 employees, however, the service we provide does not demand us to be in Doral, due to our work being done on computers and submitting projects through such. Offering incentives to the company would encourage the company to relocate to a less congested area, removing over 60 cars, from crowded Doral, from employees, and the company would still offer its services. That is 60 cars from one company, if this was done with many, traffic would be highly decreased to none. 

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Mostly everyone. Companies who do not provide services to a specific area. From small companies to large corporations, who could relocate and remove employee's automobiles from traffic. Companies receive incentives that encourage them to relocate, employees move from highly priced neighborhoods and avoid traffic. Companies would financially benefit therefore pushing them to relocate and create a better atmosphere with less traffic all throughout.

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Thanks for posting into the Propose phase David. I have a couple of thoughts about this idea. I can see an incentive for companies asking staff to work from home, if they can, being taken up and well used and popular all round. Relocating a whole company is a massive move though, I think no incentives would be enough to make this worth doing for a company unless you were literally paying for the move? Happy for you to put forward an argument here of course! What is you role in this idea? Do you have connection in the city hall to help to put this proposal together? Do you have a company that could administer the scheme - or make some kind of App to run it? Please consider applying to join the the workshop that is coming up - see the calendar linked above - it could help with your design thinking and maybe give you some useful connections to set this up as a pilotable, fundable proposal.