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More Stores Should Imply "The Aldi's Effect"

There's nothing wrong with a quarter in the cart.

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I am not sure about you who are reading this, but I am still not a fond of shopping carts being placed outside the store in other parking spots (like outside Walmart and Whole Foods Market) and even on the sides of the streets or store walkways to the point where some even steal them or place shopping carts in other stores' general area (like in some decent-sized plazas with multiple stores that have carts eg. a Publix shopping cart outside Walgreens).

So, when it comes to Aldi's, I know that you must put a quarter in the right-hand side of the shopping cart so you can freely use it while you are in the store along with the fact that you have to put the shopping cart back to where it rightfully belongs. I honestly think every store should do this method for when they have shopping carts. Also, if anyone tried to steal a shopping cart, then you can't get their quarter back due to the mechanism in the top-right of the shopping cart. This would also have time for the "cart boys" that work for the store for all they have to do, for the store that have the mini shopping cart sections (the ones located in between parking spaces) and they would have the do is get the end cart, put a quarter in, haul the whole row carts to the inside, clip and get their quarter back as well. People should put the carts where they rightfully found it.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Well, the stores will definitely use this as a way to update and innovate their business along with us, the customers, to be more proactive in putting the shopping carts where we originally got them from.

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  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario

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I did not have a team for I recently thought about this idea when I went out shopping and there was a shopping cart in a parking spot while it was next to the mini shopping cart spot in the parking lot.

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  • I am submitting as an individual

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  • $50,000

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In terms of piloting this idea, one common method would be to message/email/mail stores that have shopping carts like Publix, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, etc. about the idea as a way for them to get an idea as to what we, the customers, had in mind in improving the company (especially from companies who have "please give your feedback at this web address" on the bottom or back of their receipts). I think giving feedback like that may tend to have some, but at the same time, some companies are competing again each other in terms of who is doing what better. By letting companies know that they should be like Aldi's in terms of their shopping carts, it may give those companies a thought as to what they can do to innovate themselves as a company/business.


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Hey Lew Sterling Welcome to the PROPOSE phase! :) Glad to have you here.

So I'm new to aldi's and when they first came to south Florida, like many of us, I didn't like them; they were new. One day I decided to take a trip to the chain store and I was pleasantly surprised: seasonal, fresh produce, plenty of organic choices and their prices were so low, they've since become my favorite place to shop!

the best thing about Aldi's, to me, is their shopping carts. Sure you have to put a quarter to use it but you get it back. Genius! they aren't stuck at the end of the night chasing down shopping carts 2 blocks away.

Question for you: how might we use this concept to make Miami-Dade transportation fresher?During our last community working session, one of our panelists, a Miami mom, mentions how dirty the metromover can be. Several community members (on the platform) have mentioned how unclean public transportation can be. How might we use the Aldi's model to make mobility fresher?

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Wilda Previl - Thanks for the welcome and sorry for the delay. I really do appreciate it. When I first saw Aldi's, I was not sure what to say, to be honest, but I think it is alright, though. Even though not everything I see in Aldi's is honestly worth it, I do see some decent amount of helpful ingredients for vegans along with some "decent" prices as well. Oh, they have become your favorite place to shop; wow. The shopping carts are the best thing about Aldi's; I highly agree with you on that. I think they have quite of a format so that the carts are easier while forcing peple to do the right thing with the carts.

How might we use this concept to make Miami-Dade transportation fresher? Well, this may not only have people stop stealing shopping carts and seeing carts on the side of the roads, but this will also more making the in-store transportation/traffic to be fresher and better by having carts back to where we originally got them from. To be honest, I have never been in a metro mover before and do not know much about them, to be honest.

How might we use the Aldi's model to make mobility fresher? Technically, it would only be making the mobility in the stores fresher rather than the actual mobility of the roads and streets, to be honest. In order for a store wants to upgrade their business, it would be best if they hear what their customers want more than what they want despite they are a business.

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You're quite welcome Lew! Keep refining the idea and be sure to go back to the sensation paths, as well. :)

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Wilda Previl - I will keep on doing so for both ideas along with another idea just in case. I did post the sensation path in the Miami Propose Phase in case you were curious. :) Hope everything I answered made sense on how this helps a form of traffic.

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Very good Lew Sterling ! We’re less than 24 hours to finalize the PROPSE phase. Be sure to complete all of the parts of the application and add any team members.

Good luck!

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Wilda Previl - Thank you and I'll make sure to note these onto the next step. I do not have any team members at the moment, but I will try and post one more idea in the Propose phase just in case. Thanks again.