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I think we need to improve the current options of public transportation in Miami Dade. Population has moved more north west and jobs have remain in the east coast. We need to create new routes to reach those in the north west and transport them to the east without affecting the normal traffic ways. Creating new routes will ease the roads. Make this new transport with low prices so everyone can use and not be a burden ! Local companies can get a lower price if they enroll their staff to this new transportation system ! This will allow employees to move around and get to work on time without paying a dime ! The company can benefit from this by having their employees on time, by getting a tax deduction  to their business license or real estate etc... I think the county needs to come together to find ways to benefit the public so we can learn and improve our roads and traffic nightmares !!! This can also decrease the amount of accidents !!!  

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Hmmm... but what is exactly the proposal? Finding new routes is not as easy as just writing it in a website. Do you find new routes by repurposing streets? By opening new highways? By widening existing streets? I assume that you are not the first one or the last one to think "new routes" but, as Mies van de Rohe said "God is in the details" and there are just no details on your proposal.

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