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From two very inexpensive quick change ideas, to two expensive futuristic ideas I'm contributing.

My 4 different ideas include very inexpensive quick easy change to futuristic design.

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Unfortunately most ideas are not cost effective, and currently any new inventions will incur costs, I have both an inexpensive reality plan as well as a futuristic expensive plan. The least costly way to go would to first divide all highway lanes into categories. The snowbirds and elderly, vacationers , could be bundled into two right  lanes, half the congestion is when someone is driving 40 miles on a highway and people trying to get to work at high soeeds. We could utilize two lanes primarily for that category of the elderly and vacationers , and utilize the other two left lanes for Floridians and business vehicles. That would help cut congestion because drivers could use one left lane for getting back and forth to work in a slower left lane and the furthest left lane can remain the same at higher speeds for employees and Floridians it  wouldn't cost anything but categorizing with signs describing what lane is for what groups one sign for the two lanes  for elderly and vacationers and a sign describing the two left lanes for Floridians and business traffic,  We could do that in Broward and Dade where the highways have four lanes. The next least expensive is to build an elongated two lane highway above the highway with these divided categories of elderly and vacationdr traffic except that one of the groups would be on the ground on lanes and the other group driving above on a elongated type bridge above the highway,  the next would be extremely expensive it would a on the side of the highway people mover like the one in downtown Detroit except more expansive,  this people mover  sould have terminal stations where self driving vehicles, hover cars, autonomous drone cars, or uber And Lyft cab pickup to manuver into the actual city not on highway from the people mover stations, another idea is to use a straight fast moving hover type ride that stops at stations.

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The first two ideas would have traffic flow easier , less congestion and tourism would be increased by quicker flows of traffic, the last two ideas would create jobs, the people mover would charge money for service, the terminals could have shops, the cabs, ubsers, lyfts and other futuristic car ideas would move people in and out making money in both directions coming from the people mover and going back.

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These ideas are already in reality only the self driving and hover car pick ups from people mover terminals would be the most costly but the people mover exists and can be implemented.

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Patrice Da Cruz 

Hi there! I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators here for The Challenge! Exciting time, huh?

With so many ideas being submitted on the platform, we need a way to uniformly differentiate them all. I am going to ask for you to submit a proposal for EACH idea please. Also, would each of the ideas require ALL $100K in funding or will the money be divided for each project?