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1/3 less Traffic in less than a year

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We need to teach people better when they  getting the driver licence  .... Ej : Not to drive slow in the left line ( dangerous and stop fluid traffic)

Some intersections, are desperately needing a small tunnel ( with w pumps if is necessary )  or bridge construction in modern cities .... no lights or railroads stopping traffic ... 

Ej ( Alton road and 5 th ) South beach entrance 

EJ :Bridge or tunnel for people crossing the road to see the tennis open .. and not stopping  traffic for key Biscayne residents  .... ooooo they don't come anymore ...guess why ... big messsss

More train stations to be able to use the new train ....and a wagon for motorcycles,  bicycles and handicap ramps for access 

Two way Avenues ( like N Miami Av and 2 nd Av) converted into ONE WAY !!  with long light waves , and high traffic speed limit 

 This could change I 95 flooded of cars everyday!

Smaller buses with more destinations , and  out of big avenues and left lines at the highway ... they bother traffic a lot 

Scooters not supposed to be considered like a car   ... there are scooters for a reason 

PLEASE :  use of more parking spaces not usable right now for no big reasons

More BIG TREES ( not palm trees ) in parking lots and roads . i would be enforcing it ,if i could ....    This citi would be offering a much better experience for residents and tourists ...specialy in the summer time  !!!!

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Hi Martin - Thanks for this list! If you are serious about helping to make any of your list happen then please do come back and fill out the Proposal form as much as you can and edit the list to be about the one thing you can pilot with all or a share of $100,000. Otherwise - thanks for the list and... Noted! Katie - facilitator.