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Charter Buses

I lived in Medellin for 3 years. Companies paid for Charter buses to and from work.

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Employees can park their cars at a predetermined location. The parking location can be at a train station or a large parking lot. There can be hired security provided by the company also. The buses can have wifi so that employees can work while they commute. This is a win for the environment, and for the company. This will reduce traffic and reduce carbon emissions. Companies can offer this as a perk. Employees will arrive at work happier and calmer than driving to work. 

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Mauricio Moreno Hi Mauricio - the concept that you posted here is actually a part of what our business does! I agree with you 100% that this is an opportunity to make commutes better while benefiting the environment in the process. Are there particular companies that you know of that paid for charters that you mention in your post?