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Bellhop - the leading transportation aggregator

To partner with the city to deploy our solution at airports, tourist zones, and other high-traffic areas in order to optimize traffic flows.

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Bellhop brings together all modes of transportation into one single easy-to-use app giving users a fresh approach to mobility. The app has been designed for all ages and makes finding a ride super easy and fun. We take out the frustration of no available cars by combining all available transportation options (ride shares are available now in the app, and bikes/scooter shares, and public transit are coming soon) into one app. Bellhop is also continually updating and improving - adapting to user feedback and needs. For example you can soon schedule rides within the app and we’ll be adding powerful AI tools to help users beat surge pricing, combine multiple modes of transport and other options.

Environmental impact is another area of huge concern as the number of users increases. Bellhop is dedicated to helping reduce deadheading (when a taxi/rideshare travels without a passenger) and maximizing occupancies. The more we can do this, the lower the environmental impact and the more efficient our transportation systems can become.

By aggregating ride shares, bike shares and more, consumers have the power and freedom to decide which transportation option is best at any given time - whether it’s price, fastest pickup time, the least number of stops, or ride/transportation type.

The app opens up on a map based on a user’s location, and after confirming both pickup and destination addresses, a user is provided with all the available transportation options. Bellhop will be launching bike shares in Miami in time for the start of this pilot program. Additional modes of transportation will also be considered with the City of Tomorrow - Miami team.

Some recent press on Bellhop:

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Bellhop is designed to appeal to multiple demographic types based on use case scenarios. For business travelers, Bellhop improves pick up and journey time, as well as provides financial savings. With the ability to get picked up quicker, Bellhop also provides significant time efficiencies for companies and employees. For regular consumers who use ridesharing services, Bellhop will also have wide appeal. Our current user demographic ranges from 18-60 and the app has been optimized to make it easy for all ages to use. From regular work commutes, to social engagements, going to the gym or doctor etc, the Bellhop app has been built to appeal to all those who require immediate mobility options. Once the user decides to take a trip with Bellhop, they input their destination and Bellhop provides results combining all the major rideshare providers (with bike share coming soon). The user then simply selects the ride that best suits their needs and Bellhop guides them to book the ride.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters) Payam programmed drones for the US gov, built enterprise systems for Fortune 100, Co-Founded Batiqa Hotels with INSEAD MBA and BSc CompSci at UCLA. Nick is an experienced COO/CMO across B2B & B2C Fortune 100 companies, 2015 US Marketer of the Year. Kevin is a digital strategist and growth marketer with 8+ years experience leading teams of all shapes and sizes. Stephen was a Gartner Officer/EVP, Pandora BOD, Skillsoft BOD, L2 MD, and NPD President Entertainment.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Resources and Challenge funding will be used to develop marketing collateral for distribution at designated spots, implementing technology solutions and integrations with transportation options local to Miami county, and hire a local Bellhop representative to work with city officials and residents on obtaining feedback on how to continue the platform's development. Bellhop has been in a public beta for a year and has already proven its concept through user adoption and growth. Our platform is 100% sustainable with the rideshare market growing to a $285BN industry by 2030. As consumers are bombarded with more options (women only rideshares, pet friendly rideshares, autonomous cars and so on) the need for a single platform that simplifies the experience becomes paramount. Bellhop makes money by taking a commission from supplier ride share providers with multiple negotiations under way. There are also opportunities in monetizing data collected to help urban mobility planning.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Success is determined by Bellhop becoming a go-to platform for Miami residents and tourists to book a ride in Miami to ensure they are always getting the best value as well as the actual time and monetary savings. Bellhop collects data on all app usage so we can immediately see how many users are using the app within Miami and how much time / money users are saving. We will also closely track user growth and retention numbers as the pilot continues. Future deployments are automatic as Bellhop continually enhances its platform through its centralized development teams. Bellhop will also work with planning authorities to further enhance ways users can access our platform and mobility choices. We can place kiosks in strategic locations at airports and tourist zones to make the booking decision and process as seamless as possible. In partnership with the city, Bellhop can be marketed at agreed upon locations while Bellhop data can be shared to optimize future city planning initiatives.


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That’s a great idea! But isn’t it an all in one app?

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Hi Eduardo, thanks for the question! We're an aggregator of transportation options. The ultimate goal is to truly be an all-in-one app and enable consumers to need less apps to make the most informed transportation decisions.

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That’s awesome! Is the app already built or are you waiting to win, so you can build it?

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It's already built! You can download the app directly from our website at

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