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Air Conditioned Bus Stops

Air Conditioned Bus Stops Will protect users as well as provide a shelter from Heat & Rain and will help boost Tourism.

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Air Conditioned Bus Stops

*Secured Card Access inside the bus stop (not anyone may enter)

*Company Ads Sponsor the AC Stops

*Multiple language translations for tourists

*TV News with Ads on the side... Like at Mobile Gas Stations.

*Camera Security

*Solar Powered 

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

We proposed this at the meeting at the CIC, and I presented it.

Miami is a city known for tourism! Starting this out in South Beach, will help boost revenue as well as user experience to the city!
Everything will be funded. No tax payer money!

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

I'm a current Web Developer, my wife is a UX/UI designer. We graduated from the Wyncode Miami Community!

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

I am well supported by a technology community full of entrepreneurs. Trust Me!

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

We will have over 1000 user tests before deploying our pilot. My team will generate all the funds required for this project. No taxpayer or money from the city will be required.


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Photo of Eduardo Cusido

To be honest, if bus stations looked and were like the one in the picture, I would seriously take buses more.

Photo of Ollie Williams

What happens when the technology fails. they become swelter boxes and unusable. Where would the repair be prioritized on the cities schedule? Would there be heat for cold days? What if there were hurricanes could they withstand water and wind?

Photo of Mohamed Nazim

Just as society moved towards globalization, society is also moving towards technology. Everyday common businesses such as (dunkin donuts, mcdonald's, target, walmart, etc...) are doing whatever they can so users can download their apps. Technology will never be abandoned and in the next 5 years everything around us will become more digital and more automated. An idea like this will help tourists and locals alike.
Everything will be funded by companies to advertise their products to the consumer. We also have numbers on how this will help those companies. Their are lots of ads on buses some from Turkish Air, hotels, etc... All this can be inside the bus shelters. So funding will always be there in case of any maintenance. Also there is a warranty for the Air conditioner and any tech machines. In regards to hurricanes they must and will be hurricane safe.

Photo of Carlos Cruz-Casas

Hello there. Excellent. For this one I would like to hear more about scalability. How would you propose we go from one to 10, to then 100? There are nearly 8,000 bus stops in Miami-Dade County. Check out what we have at the Hialeah Metrorail Station, where Route 29 stops. Would love to hear your thoughts. Also happy to connect you with our team for lessons learned.


Photo of Mohamed Nazim

Hello Carlos, I would be glad to meet and connect with you on learning more about what you guys did at the Hialeah Metro Station on different challenges that you guys faced.

In regards to scalability, it of course won't be something that will happen over night and will take some time. Our plan is to start in high tourist areas such as by South Beach, Coral Gables or in such cases Brickell since its a high traffic area as well.

Our goal is to use zero (0) tax dollars to build these AC stops. We have a team that has a breakdown of how much in revenue this will bring to businesses sponsoring the AC stops.
Have you seen the Ads on almost all buses of Turkish Air for example a few months ago? We will focus on heavily tourist areas as our first stops and move on to downtown then later other Miami areas. I also work part time for a non profit organization and have experience in raising over 1.5 million dollars in South Florida for those in need worldwide.

Photo of Carlos Cruz-Casas

let's chat. feel free to email me directly.


Photo of Mike Kelly

Hi Mohamed Nazim - make sure you update your application with any relevant information about yourself, your team, your experience, and any other details that the judges might want to know!

Photo of Mohamed Nazim

Hi Carlos, we did research the Hialeah air conditioned bus shelter and there are lots of lessons from that bus stop. In regards to scaling, we are focused on tourist areas, downtown, coral gables and then west to cover all the zones. It will be by zone depending on priority levels. The process to cover all 8000 will not happen in 1 year. However it will come to life soon by zone and coverage area of the bus lines.

Photo of Armando Garcia

Hey Mohammad,

This sounds great, especially the suggested funding streams. One thing I would like to know more about is the "Secured card access". What does this mean? Without more detail, I'm concerned that this is describing a feature that may make serve to exclude members of the public from using a bus stop, which is a public asset.

Photo of Mohamed Nazim

It will not exclude anyone from the public. It will be tied with Miami-Dade County's Easy Card

Photo of Wilda Previl

Hi Mohamed Nazim 

I'm Wilda, one of your local community facilitators :)

Congratulations on going through wyncode academy! I understand the schooling can be tough.

One of the biggest problems riders of public transportation have is the lack of proper shelter from rain and exposure from the sun. As a Miami native, I couldn't tell you how many times I got caught in the rain after our weather forescaster told us it wouldn't. :-\

An air-conditioned bus station sounds like a dream come true! Great idea!

A few questions:

1. What were you findings at the CIC? What area are you planning to pilot?

2. Can you go into a little further with HOW you plan on testing the product? How much of the $100K will go to prototyping/RnD, if any, and if none, how much will be allocated to testing?

3. Do you have any ideas to connect the station to MDT's tracker to inform riders of delays, route planner, and transit times? (I'm not sure if this is a feature or a benefit and if your beta should include this or not)
********************************** NOTE **************************************
If possible, can either you, your wife or someone from your team make it to the next community working session? OUr next one is in LIttle Haiti, not too far from wyncode academy. Here's the link to register:

Photo of Mohamed Nazim

Hello Wilda,

I personally will not be there but I'll try to have someone from my team attend the session.

I actually have a personal connection, my uncle is an engineer in Dubai for one of the biggest companies and has connections when I spoke to him about this idea. This idea actually currently is in all the bus stops there. It is costly, but my team and I have plans for it to be as least cost as possible.

We have numbers on how this will want businesses paying for the AC bus stops. The target is tourism. Miami is the 8th largest tourist destination in the United States as of 2017 according to insider. We are listed amongst states such as New York, and California. We are huge and there are many areas in Miami that have grown this past year such as wynwood and coral gables, umbrella project as an example. By 2018 I feel that we might get the #7 rank beating San Francisco on the list.

Businesses love tourism. Also we there are many start up businesses. Imagine a small tv inside the waiting area playing something unique and on the side you have the sponsors. We will be doing businesses a great favor. We will use technology as well instagram, snap chat filters. When the first one hits in a heavily tourist place it will be on everyone's newsfeed such as the umbrella project.

Inside the AC stops also there will be unique technology. It wont be boring inside we have many ideas on things that we will have inside such as challenges and games for those waiting. Money wise covering the bus stations, we will be covered. We will have different sponsorship levels with companies. I'm a great fundraiser also I have helped raise over 1.5 million dollars in South Florida for top 10% U.S. Charity.

Photo of Matteo Cappelleti

Hey Mohamed Nazim ! I am Matteo one of the facilitators here,
Let me tell you this is a great great idea, I really like it and I have been in that situation waiting for public transport and melting in the heat.
Also, I am a great supporter of Wyncode Academy, I am so happy to hear you guys graduated from the program, great professionals are made at their programs.
Thanks for contributing!

Photo of Mohamed Nazim

Thank You Matteo, you were awesome at the event you guys had at the CIC and was a great facilitator for the Spanish Speakers at the session. Thanks