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AI Traffic Light Programs

How about changing the programming in traffic lights so they never have issues again?

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I just oddly think about what if there was a certain program for the traffic programs so that they never short circuit or malfunction. It can be a creative format how to help innovate the general traffic.

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In terms of how this can help with traffic, it can be reprogrammed to the point where you never can never see traffic lights go out when it heavy weathers or even short circuits during a regular day. I know some may recommend having them being solar powered so it stores enough energy to be used at night as well.

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  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

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I do not have a team or organization I am associating with.

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  • $100,000

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My pilot for this idea would mostly be based on upgrading the traffic lights' timing as a way to innovate and improve their current function. But, it can be innovative to even create a program from scratch if possible.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Well, when the traffic lights are updated, there would technically be less hassle on the streets despite people would probably still blow their horns at people when the light just turned green as if they were in a hurry. Other than that, it would help out with the timing so they are all going to have the same time, or at least the same intervals, for every intersection on how busy that road is. If a car crash occurs, then it can notify the police on the stop and they (along with a tow truck and hospital if needed) can go and fix the issues and make sure everything is alright back up to date.


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Miguel Sotomayor - Here is my invite for you to check out my thought process about AI traffic lights. I know you explained it a little more than me, but I am still working on trying to explain my thought process a little bit better, to be honest.

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Congratulations!. Check your idea and I find it interesting.

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Miguel Sotomayor - Thanks for checking out my idea along with finding it interesting. I think we can make a good team on combining your idea with my idea when it comes to how the traffic lights can get a massive upgrade in Miami. Do you have any questions on my post on AI traffic, by any chance?

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Yes, thanks.
I would like to know your opinion on how to optimize road traffic, taking into account the change of time in traffic lights

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Miguel Sotomayor - You are very welcome. Well, I thought about optimizing it as a way to make it safer and even as a way that can stabilize the traffic to help reduce car crashes that are caused during the changing lights. If possible, maybe the AI traffic can help identify if anyone was on their phone while driving or even eating or drinking while driving in case of way to identify (faster) on how a crash was caused (more specifically).

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