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What other cities do well that we can implement

- Dedicated bus lane between Miami and MB. Increase frequency - Expand 95 with elevated highway over S Dixie Hw - metro to MB

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I spend significant time in Tokyo and Switzerland. Both have very efficient transport system. Tokyo moves millions of people a day and great majority never drives. Zurich much smaller but with incredibly efficient bus network. Special lanes for buses creates great incentive for people not to drive. Elevated highways in Tokyo moves all the traffic away from local traffic. The traffic from MB to Miami is always so heavy. We depend on tourists.We need to make it easy for them and for our local communities


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Hi Marco Northland 

I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators here.

Thanks so much for your contribution. There are many solutions to the MB congestion which is why we are focusing on the EXPLORE phase at this point. This gives us the full scope of the many issues South Florida motorists face. Tourists are a big part of our cities economy and we need to keep that in mind when thinking of improvements. Great input!

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