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What a Bridge does to Downtown Miami and Brickell Streets

A look at the obstacles faced on my last few miles home.

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My journey home usually ends on exit 1B or exit 2A on I95 south in Miami. Exit 1B is what I use a majority of the time, but if the exit is jammed packed all the way back to the 836 I usually venture over to exit 2A. This is exit is one of many locations where a long day at work, plus a good amount of time on I95 can turn into an even longer time in your car if you don’t get lucky enough to beat the drawbridge. What some may see as a minor disruption in other coastal cities can be the determining factor in your 30-minute commute turning into 45-minutes here in Downtown Miami/Brickell. A line of cars can usually be seen from the James L Knight center all the way to the well known large tropical green exit signs that read Biscayne Blvd exit 2A. What is supposed to be the last best mile of your journey home can turn into 20-minute bumper-to-bumper horn honking, lane merging horror film. For many it’s become an area on the interstate where you can rest your foot while driving, typically because your car can be placed into park while waiting. Solving the issue of what I call “bridge traffic” will alleviate a lot of the frustration and time spent on your evening commute.

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Hey Lindsey Powell ! Thanks for sharing! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
I also take I-95 every day, so I feel you.
That is so true, here you can go deeper about what I think is one of the issues of traffic in downtown/brickell area, on this article:
Again, thanks for sharing!