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We only got $100,000...

Thanks for the free money. We want trains please.

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We need trains to the Beach (Metrorail)... Wynwood, Jackson Hospital Area & Marlins Stadium (Metromover). The above should be our priority but... We only have 100,000... With that budget Ford can probably finish give Miami Dade county bus shelters (so we dont get rained on) or Pull Out Bus Bays (so cars aren’t stuck behind stopping buses. These are more realistic goals Ford. The rest of our great ideas need to go to those people in suits we voted for.

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Hey Dashoo! I am Matteo, one of the facilitator's here.
Great observations!
I can tell you were thinking of pedestrians, bus shelters not to get rained on and also pull out bays, let's rephrase the solutions into the problems that you see. It is key to see things multidimensionally as we have different needs of transportation in throughout our day,

Please add more observations you have, as powerful as these. Just a reminder: we are in the exploration phase at the moment, we will have solutions later on in the next steps.
Thanks for sharing!