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Firstly- by requiring inspections on vehicles for basics such as tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, we will reduce the number of accidents overall by ensuring SAFER vehicles are on the roads- leading to less accidents overall. Also verification of driving status and insurance during inspections can further be enforced. So now we may have a few less cars on the road already- that shouldn’t even be to begin with. Every aspect of inspections can improve the safety and mobility of ALL drivers. Secondly- enforcement of HANDS free cell use is critical to improving traffic woes for the distractions it causes. So often traffic is CREATED by distracted drivers blocking lanes and under speed w literally a line up of cars now for no reason when road is clear ahead. And surely the traffic accidents that are caused by distracted drivers on phones, leads to more traffic hold ups. Lastly- a MAJOR city that lacks effective public transportation will continue to cripple our roads bc we have NO choice but to use them. Difficult subject surely, but as we do see some improvements- it’s slow coming but the cars keep adding up daily! We LOVE south Florida for all it has to offer in respect to our culture, diversity, opportunities, and tropical beauties- BUT even trying to leave the house, is intimidating bc of traffic. Looking into my map app and seeing ALL the car accidents symbols present at any moment is sad, discouraging & stressful. We know the problems, let’s FIX them! :)

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Hi Christina P 

My name is Wilda, I'm one of the community facilitators. Thank you for your contribution.

Distracted drivers seem to be a common theme here in Miami. Whether talking on the phone, texting, or operating other apps, drivers are more distracted today by their smartphone than any other time in history. How would a program like this be enforced?

There are several other collaborators who share your same views. Perhaps you'd be interested in pooling ideas and thinking of different ideas for how this would be implemented. Type the words "distracted" or "text" and they should pop up.


Don't forget to upload a pic. I'd love to keep track of your progress; your pic would make it easier to remember your awesome ideas!