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Use the ocean to alleviate road traffic.

Use high speed hydrofoils or boats to transport commuters from residential neighborhoods to business centers to alleviate road traffic.

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Old Cutler Road is a two lane road that meanders parallel to the coast from Cutler Bay to Coconut Grove and has weekday traffic jams going north in the morning and south in the evenings between the Cutler Bay area and Miami's business district. There are county marinas at Homestead Bay Front, Black Point and Matheson Hammock parks with docks and large parking lots that are virtually empty on weekdays. Miami is a waterfront city. Why not take advantage of the our proximity to the ocean and weekday empty parking lots and have a system of high speed hydrofoils to transport commuters from these marinas to Miami and reduce traffic on Old Cutler?


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Hi Tom, welcome and thanks for the post! A very interesting idea - sort of like how ferries have been used in other cities such as New York. Very curious to see what others think about potentially using such a service. Also, I wonder about feasibility within the scope of this project. Any thoughts about that? Maybe ways of starting small? Also, if you have any pictures similar to your idea, please add them on to your post. It'll help make it more memorable for others to come back to it!
-Aly, community facilitator

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Aly - Thank you for our feedback. Hydrofoils and other types of commuter vessels are used in many ocean front cities around the world. Its not cheap, and to be affordable for commuters it will never pay for itself. It needs to be a government investment like a buss fleet. To work there needs to be a fleet of vessels with a good schedule of sailings that is convenient for commuters. Like a city bus system - you can't dabble. You set it up for real or forget it. Maybe the costs could be partially deferred by using the vessels for tourism between rush hours and on weekends. I have a photo to add but it is not clear to me how to upload it. Can you give me guidance? Tom

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