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Immediately use smart technology to time all light intersections in Miami Dade. Build a Superhighway to include rail along the Everglades

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First priority can be done almost immediately. The flow of traffic could greatly be improved with existing technology to get all the traffic lights synced. With smart timing to eventually incorporate an artificial intelligence system to continually improve on flow. Second, build the Metrorail extension to Florida City. The extension can be built over the current busway and this would take away a lot of the traffic from the South Dade areas. Finally, we have to consider building a superhighway thru a portion of the eastern edge of the Everglades. The highway needs to have a minimum of 12 lanes to include a high speed rail corridor. A minimum of 5 planned stopped should be build along the corridor with major feeder passageways that connect to I-95. Busways and railways could feed back into the city area’s. 95% of the South Florida traffic moving in the flow of rush hour only has 1-2 options to travel and this current setup is getting worse by the day. If the primary flow of traffic can be funneled West to the superhighway/ rail, then this would greatly reduce the traffic on the current FL Turnpike, 874/836, I-95 expressways.


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Hi Jessie! I think you have identified a pretty important problem for South Florida, which is unbelievable congestion. I don't think building a "superhighway" through the Everglades is a good idea though. I would rather suggest deviating from single occupancy vehicle trips and focus on protecting our natural resources by developing denser and more lively urban areas. I recommend you watch Citizen Jane, it's on Netflix. Highways have destroyed much of our cities already. I completely agree with the extension of the Metrorail! It should've been expanded long ago!

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