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Unsuccessful Journey

Easy card didn't work even though I had it refilled, besides the fact that the transportation takes much more time than driving a car.

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When I planned to use the public transportation, I was fine with the fact that the journey from home to the place I wanted to get was three times longer than it would be by car. However, when I tried to use the EASY card (as the name suggest) for transportation, it did not work and I just gave up on going out that day. I did not use public transportation ever since because I realized that it is not convenient nor exciting to use such transportation to get me to places. By expanding avenues, streets, blvds we encourage the use of automobiles while what should actually be encouraged would be public transportation. For that, it would be necessary to improve the system and make it more efficient. Jam traffic, hopefully, would not be that bad and car accidents would be reduced. And the last point, it would reduce the carbon footprint emissions.

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Hi Camila, welcome and thanks for sharing! I'm Aly, one of the community facilitators here. Do you think the EASY card failing was just a one time fluke, or has that happened to you/friends in the past? Is there anything else or other experiences you've had that discourage you from using the public transportation, specifically? Where do you think improvements can be made?