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Trip to Leesburg, Florida

I took a trip to visit my ill father in Leesburg, Florida. Being very anxious to get there and traveling by car.

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I traveled by car with my son. Very anxious to see my dad, I found it frustrating that what should have been s 3 1/2 hour trip took over 5 hours with traffic, accidents and detours.


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Hi Doreen, thanks for the post and welcome! I'm Aly, one of the community facilitators here.
Tell us more about your trip - were you traveling from Miami? Where exactly did you hit most of your traffic/accidents/detours - in the city or outside of it? Also, if you have a photo of the road from your trip - please post it up! It provides for a great visual of what you're describing.

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Hi Aly and everyone :)  I was traveling from Miami and hit most of my detours and accident in the Orlando area.  A car had gone over the side rail (on the I95) and there were many police cars, ambulance and a fire truck.  Very sad.  The traffic did not move for one hour.

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Thanks for the detail! That does sound pretty dreadful...Was your journey through Miami then a lot more smooth?