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Less traffic

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I am one of those who have to drive in the traffic every day, it is very difficult because in between so much rush that people drive to arrive on time to their destination sometimes they make things worse .because ,there are many more accidents and in the long run more and they attract the rest of the people therefore the trouble of some ends up attracting everyone. I think that if the companies changed the shifts of the jobs, it would be less traffic, for example, that some employees start working at 7:00 am, others at 8:00 am, others at 9:00 and so there is not as much traffic at the same time. It would also be very good if is a place where people could leave their cars and take a public transport to their work that brings them to a certain place at a certain time. I think those 2 things would lower the traffic a little bit. my humble opinion. Thank you

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No, Thank you B Vrgs for posting. There are other posts saying the the timings of employers should vary - it's a popular idea. And not the first to mention accidents. So thanks for adding to the voices here. Do you ever use public transport - can you? to get to work?