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Traffic lights/metro rail transportation

Making traffic lights last longer and providing a high efficient metro rail system.

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I believe that by making traffic lights last a decent amount of time on each intersection will keep traffic moving at all times. One of the biggest issues during traffic jam is finding yourself in an intersection traffic light that barely last a minute while on the other side of the intersection the traffic light last almos 3 minutes or more, making it extremely frustrating and long lasting for everyone trying to get to their Destinations. If every traffic light would last a decent amount of time for every intersection I think that would help fix a big part of the problem. Also providing a high efficient metro rail system that can spread through out the city will make easier to get from point A to point B without using your vehicle, making the roads easier to get around. Lastly I’ve seen over the years space not being used through out the streets of Miami when I think it could be space used to widen the roads and making more lanes for traffic to get through. If they can better these three things I believe the traffic in Miami will no longer be an issue and make driving fun again.

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Hey Rafael! Thanks for posting and sharing your experience! I am Matteo, one of the facilitator's here.
I can understand your frustration, I myself have been waiting in a light for a long time when no other people are near.
Tell us a bit more about other experiences you have had based on mobility in Miami.

I wanted to remind you that we are right now on the exploration phase, not in the solution phase, so we should focus on the problems and observations and experiences!

Thanks again for posting! Great observations by the way.