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Traffic improvement of Miami dade county

1) remove pointless express lanes occupying right of way, 2) spend more money in rail 3) highway for trucks only

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Make palmetto expressway separate for this getting off in Hialeah.


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We actually do not have enough highways that are designed practically. I believe this is the problem. I read an article the other day where the average commute in Miami-Dade County is 69-80 minutes. My commute to work is over an hour (and I have a flexible schedule where I get to leave at 4:30). The government is too busy building pointless express lanes that take away from the existing right of way. These new roads are taken away from current highways, reducing the lanes for travelers. How does this make it any better? My opinion is that there should be more focus at better designing roads to alleviate bottle necking and backups rather than creating more express lanes.

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