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Traditional intersections cause more accidents than newer designs such as a Double Diverging Interchange.

Traffic lights are not the best way to manage traffic as it causes people to rely on the light color rather than their surroundings.

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We can no longer rely on traffic signals to manage traffic. Driver become unaware of the surroundings as they are focused solely on the color of the light and not the other vehicles around them. Many Miami drivers learn how to drive in other countries with less regulation and that driving style transitions to the US where traffic laws are commonly disregarded. I believe using traffic circles and double diverging interchanges will greatly aid in managing traffic flow proving to be safer and more economical for the city.


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I have driven through one of these interchanges and did not find them to be much more efficient. In fact the first time can be confusing to a driver. And you need to know which lane to be in when making the crossover. The only advantage might be when you want to make that left turn onto a highway. If you are in that left lane, as many drivers are who just want to continue straight in what they think is the fastest lane, you will find yourself in an exit only lane onto the highway. There are few places where this type of design is really advantageous.

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Hey Neil Abelson , Alex Seage ! I am Matteo, one of the facilitators here.There is definetly a driver's education piece (you can contribute to it here: we must implement here, and I think one of the biggest issues in Miami is that in transit pretty much everyone is cutting the car next to them, and more when leaving the highway in an intersection. We would have to implement more lanes than in the example so that transit does not get stoped here. We would have to adapt this model to Miami people, and to do that, we must understand how Miamians think and what they feel while driving, we must identify their issues and why do they behave like they do, what do you guys suggest as examples of reasons of behavior and examples of how they behave on public transportation or while driving?
Thank you both for sharing!
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Adding to the mess are drivers who don't

1.) Merge properly
2.) Let incoming drivers in

Driver education is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. Taking an elementary written test followed simple on-site driver's course is not enough. Too many people get on the road not equipped with the IQ necessary to navigate the busy roads of South Florida.