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Towards a More Inclusive Tomorrow

Human beings across time have overcome the greatest challenges and been the most valuable to civilization when seeing society as a whole.

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In order to achieve the most success--for no solution to a challenge affecting all of society will be a panacea--one must consider the highest compounded benefit to most of society. The move away from a disintegrated and personal view of travel must yield to an integrated and collective one. By putting personal comforts aside, a clearer and more participatory drive to efficiency in travel will emerge. For Miami-Dade the following must occur: --continued expansion of the gratis trolley system across all neighborhoods as well as building and designing trolleys that are more energy efficient and cyber connected --due to the expanse of neighborhoods across an infrastructure that killed train transport long ago, a bus network connected to a smart grid is necessary. This will have to include an expansion of express buses as well as hubs that then further expand into specific neighborhoods with trolley service, tram, and local bus service all at low or no cost --Subsidies for public transport will come from many sources: higher personal car license plates, city taxes, and toll rates --Participation will increase exponentially when this service is free or nearly free; transfers last for 24 hours and/or return trip; weekly and monthly passes are deeply discounted and free to low income households; local stops are further apart with cyber connected grids to avoid unnecessary stops and to help riders plan their trips via touch screens at stops or via apps and 21hr service


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HI Adrian Dole 

My name is Wilda, and I'm one of the facilitators on the platform. All of your suggestions sound really wonder for our amazing city.

Your 2nd point referring to the expansion of neighborhoods and public transportation needed to keep up with the changes is exactly why we're here. What kinds of traffic troubles do you experience in your neighborhood and on your commute?

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Hi Wilda--

I have always made sure that I live within walking distance to my work and public transportation so my commute foibles are always negligible. However, traffic across the MacArthur Causeway mirroring work in times of 9 to 5 is always a problem. I did not have enough space to write in a few other suggestions for the city of tomorrow challenge--so I will elaborate on a main one here: that city/government offices operate on a varying in/out times in differences of at least 2 hours on varying days as well. For example: MWF in times of 7am for half of staff and 10am on TuThu, with some staff that are not seeing residents to choose 4 10hr work days and/or alternate in times of 11-7/6-2/7-3/10-6 on any day. (Not to exceed cleaning/safety crews out times to save on electric/energy consumption in large buildings.)

The other idea was having electric vans around in/out times for big/nearby government buildings offer shuttle service every 5-10 minutes from/to major transit hubs as outlined in original proposal. Another was enacting legislation that would enforce any large building being built intrinsically to have a viable and user friendly public/private mass transport scheme connecting to existing transit hubs in place and to include electric charging stations, bike storage, and fleet parking.

This brings to mind the new mall that just got approved to be built--I would have demanded that it include apartment buildings subsidized by the owners with set rent rates for future workers in the mall; that it include electric van fleets to shuttle workers/consumers to/from major transit hubs; that it have plenty of electric vehicle gratis charging stations, fleet parking, bike storage; and as massive as it is, I would have demanded an elevated rail line of some sort to/from it.

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Adrian Dole 

Such amazing solutions, really! I didn’t even realize that mall was still being built. Apparently they’ve been at it a year already.

Our PROPOSE phase starts in 4 days. Be sure to submit some of these wonderful ideas there!

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